Summer Doldrums

It's post 4th of July here in Delleskyville. That can, in a lot of ways, signal what I like to call the Summer Doldrums. Let me flex a little of my atrophied Science teacher muscle for a minute. The Doldrums are a region north of the equator with little or no winds. This is the place that nautical type folks try to avoid. It impedes progress and, in very bad cases, can kill. 

Our oldest son, Parker, just had his tonsils removed and is on bed rest. Between the med scheduling, to ease his pain and avoid infection, Jamie and I have small bits of time to make any progress, personally or otherwise. The younger two boys are hanging tough. I know our time is limited in this area too. Carson flashed me a wild, crazy-eyed look that is so typical of him when he hasn't been as physically active as he should be. We may be arriving at Crazytown sooner than I thought. 

I am not complaining. I constantly am reminding myself of the unique opportunity that we have as a family every summer to have extended periods of hang time with each other. Heck, this may be exactly where God wants me right now. I have a suspicion that days like these may be typical for me when we are in the Philippines. Me, taking care of the daily to do's while schooling the kids: prepping meals, keeping the kids engaged, making sure the laundry is not piling up, cleaning and organizing...sounds familiar. Its easy to do this during the school year for some reason. I think it just may be that in the summer, everything, for us, is optional. So the laundry starts to pile up. Big deal. We'll take care of it manana. For now, I just want to be content with where i find myself. I can be ever critical when I am not checking things off my list. This never bodes well for my inner life, and can be caustic for my family if I let it.