Home Sweet Home

Yes, we are home. We made it back late on Wednesday night. The joy that filled our tired hearts and bodies when we spent our first few hours home with our kids was priceless. Yesterday, we laid low. I, for one, have been so jet lagged. Exhausted and delirious! This morning is a bit better. Re acclimation is always a tricky thing in general. Not to mention the things we come back to.....yes, I counted almost 20 pieces of mail from our insurance company about our accident we were in before we left. sheesh. aw well. Sometimes, after having such a life changing experience, it's hard to come back to the mundane. It's easy for the things in your "normal" life to feel meaningless. Some of that is all the changes we are going through in general, but some of it is just a part of doing things like this. We've realized that we feel more complete living in the simplicity and purpose that comes in the developing world. It seems that all the things I once cherished about "having a lot" here in America are no longer my desires. I am more fulfilled when I have enough, not excess. 

But, for as much that is hard about coming back, there are just as many things that make home so good. Family that we've missed and are so thankful for. Friends that really care about you, are eager to hear all about your experiences, and let you know your presence was missed. The community of faith that you can so easily take for granted day to day, until you realize it truly is a gift in your life. enjoying showers that you can open your mouth to drink the water safely! the comfort of your home...and certain foods like cheese!

Eitherway, our time away has been good in so many ways and being home is too. 

To all those who helped us while we were away, who have prayed for us, taken care of our children and our home , got groceries for us before we came back, brightened our home with flowers, mowed our lawn, and have been faithfully following our journey- Thank You. 

Today's meditation:

"in the world, dependency is seen as a sign of immaturity, but in God's Kingdom, dependance on Him is prime measure of maturity."