Resting in Seoul

We've made the first leg of our trip back to 'merica relatively unscathed. There is a lot stirring inside both of us. God seemd to have his way with us on this trip, giving us more vision on the direction we are headed and molding us to do what we are feel called to do. Less fear and more surrender sums it up. I'm anxious to reintegrate back into a lifestyle and way of living that continues to feel like it doesn't "fit" the life I'm (we, actually) called to live in the States. I'm excited to see my kids, our friends and community. I have many stories to tell and I want to get the memebers of our community swept up in the huge thing that we get to be a part of in Cambodia. I am certain that my family will continue to come back to Cambodia and invest our time and hearts into the lives of the kids and staff of Asia's Hope. We are no longer just supporters of a group of kids and adults trying to do a good thing, we are family. My honor system puts family above almost all things in my life. It is the place where I am most willing to suffer for the greater good and this family we have half way across the world is no exception.

This is shout out to all who have even a slight inkling that you may want to come to Cambodia in the future. I'm coming for YOU! You've been warned.