Why Go?

On Sunday, Teddy and I will venture out to all things Cambodia. Why, you ask? Good question. A question we must all ask ourselves when faced with radical decisions. Let me explain a bit of our love affair with the place of Cambodia. We were first introduced to Cambodia through a friend who runs a grassroots non profit that saves children from lives of poverty and pain that we can only imagine here. Asia's Hope  (asiashope.org) helps gather funds, support indigenous leaders and run orphan homes for children who have no place to go. If these children were to stay on the streets, they would be subjected to a life of crime, injustice and worse of all, human sex trafficking. These orphan homes function as safe homes where not just the children's physical needs of food and shelter are met, but where their spirits are replenished and renewed. They are given an education, a family and hope. 

This will be Teddy's second journey over there. My first. From the moment we got involved with supporting Asia's Hope, we knew someday we'd go there. We knew we'd be radically tranformed if we had the chance to see these beautiful children whose lives are being changed. And as time has moved us along, we have become increasingly aware that we want to give more of ourselves to this place. So, we are going. We are going to love on the children, we are going to seek God's face for our future, we are going because frankly, the more I am with the least and the lost, the downcast of this world, the closer I am to Jesus. And He fills me. So, for me, I am casting my caution to the wind and opening my heart as wide as it will go so that I can be filled to the max by loving these kids. 

Yes, it's a sacrifice to go. It always is. In life, we only have two hands, so if you want to give your all to something, you're always going to have to let go of something else. But, i guess my humble thought is that all I'm sacrificing is nothing compared to what I gain. I'm not going to be a good person, I'm not going because I have some great gift to bestow, I'm going because I want to connect with these children. These children are the light of the world. Life gives us enough darkness, we should be seeking out the light and going there, giving all we have to get there. 

We will miss our home here for the next 3 weeks. We will update you all on our trip right here. Come visit with us. I'm sure we will have lots to say!

So, in answer to the question "Why go?" I would have to say, what am i sacrificing in NOT going? 

I'd answer with this verse that presses on my heart daily:

"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” psalm 82:3,4 


Join us again soon!

The Delleskys