February Follow Up Letter

If you're wondering what it is like to transition back to your home culture, let me be the first to say, it is not easy. Even though we have been back for over 6 months, we still find things that catch us off guard. New experiences continue to happen and we adjust; figuring out finances and employment and new routines that will eventually feel normal.

When we came home, we were not prepared to make a life in the States indefinitely, so we've had to catch up real fast on what we needed to make our lives sustainable. It's been "restarting in America 101." When we left almost 4 years ago, we gave up everything; my husband's seniority in his teaching career, our home, our cars, our financial future, and our children's sense of American education. There are days when we ask ourselves, "Was it worth it?". I can't say I can give a yes or no answer to that. Although I would like to feel good about every decision we have made, I'm not sure. I know that we followed God's leading the best we knew how and I am absolutely sure that the efforts we invested in in both countries where we served will continue to have lasting effects and grow into exactly what God has intended. In the end, the thing I've realized is that I'm not as important as I once thought. Our Father gave us the privilege to be a part of what HE was creating. And that call has not changed just because we are on the other side of the globe. But, to be completely honest, the cost we feel now has been enormous. Almost losing my life was not what I had pictured when God invited us to join the fight for his women and babies. But, do I regret it? Not for a moment. 

Though we have great needs right now, we are also experiencing the changing power of trials and living in the suffering of the unknown. We've realized that some of our closest moments to God, some of our most character molding seasons are these ones when we feel the most desperate, the most alone, the most in need. We have been forced to make decisions about how we will handle these times. And I have learned, as one who has suffered much in the past year, that even when I have lost all hope, God has not. Learning to walk through darkness has also brought me the most light.

It might not be the lessons I would choose for myself or my family, but they are the stuff that can take dirt and make gold.

So, if you wonder if we feel relieved that we are here, the answer is yes. But are we feeling stable? Not by a long shot. And, I'm not sure that's exactly what God's goals are for us. Sure, every area of our lives as a family and as individuals need external stability, and we pray that you, as our supporters would work together to help us see that to fruition.....but we are learning that true stability can only come from choosing to let ourselves be in the eye of the storm, which is the actual presence and promises of our Father. That we are sure of. 

Here is the follow up letter to last month's update. 

May you and yours know the love that not even death can steal. 


Dear Supporters,

Let us begin by expressing our gratitude for each of you who have reached out to us following our first update a few weeks ago. Thank you for showing your support and care. This transition has involved many different aspects of re-establishing a life here.

This letter is to give you more information about how we are working out our transition period.


One of our first priorities is to secure a full time job for Teddy. Since being away, his teaching license has lapsed so he is working online classes to reinstate his teaching license

Jamie has been able to begin working part time with a local midwife, filling in for prenatal/postpartum check ups and doing admin work. This has been a real answer to prayers as she is unable to hold a full time job right now with her health being so unpredictable.


 We are engaged in counseling as we process all that has happened and how to transition well.


Jamie is still seeing different doctors in order to find better health. Teddy has started physical therapy for his back


The kids are very engaged in Bexley schools and this has proven to be a grounding force for them

Here are some ways you can support us in the next 6 months:

Financial Needs:

+$3000 for our Missionary Debriefing program in CO in March

+Funds to purchase another vehicle so we both can work

+Funds for our family to have a time of respite. It has been strongly recommended by our leaders that we plan a vacation for our family. We do need a rest from the daily stresses of this transition.

+Funds for medical bills – Jamie is still searching for answers to improve her health through working with various doctors to address the ongoing health issues.


For Jamie’s journey to find health

For the finances to continue in the next 6 months of our transition

For continued healing for our family

For God’s guidance in making our home here in the States and our continued journey to find what our vocations will look like here.

 We are thankful for your support and your love.


The Dellesky Family