We will continue...........

So, our last few posts have been filled with a lot of updating....a lot of newsy things, as we have been in the midst of transitioning back to living Stateside. There's been a lot of great movement in our plans for settling. We are grateful that God is continuing to lead our family! 

Many of you may be asking the question "what now for the Dellesky family?" 

While we will be making our home here in the US, we will be continuing to support our ministry, MamaLove in Tanzania. Our calling to help mothers and babies has not changed. The way it works itself out in these next few years, will look different than it has in the past, but God is guiding the shape of this new season. We will continue to support MamaLove and the wonderful women who are serving in it.

We believe God created this ministry and will continue to grow it just as He sees fit. We have been overwhelmed at the privilege it has been to be on the ground in Tanzania to start this ministry. And we are thankful that God is continuing our partnership with MamaLove and have the honor to watch it grow!

We'd like to share an article that was written by doTERRA essential oils company, who donated monetarily to the start of the ministry. They are an amazing company and we've been able to use their amazing oils to care for the mothers and babies we serve. Thousands of dollars in oils were donated to our efforts and we are so grateful. MamaLove will continue to enjoy these oils for the care they give. I will be making sure of that!! Here's the link: