BitterSweet Update

Dear Friends, 

As we enter into a new year we have spent the past couple of months thinking and praying about our work in Tanzania, the life of our family, and our future. After seeking a lot of input from friends and pastors, we have arrived at the conclusion that God has asked us to not go back to Tanzania.

Since we last updated you, Jamie has undergone a series of medical tests that have revealed more of what is going on with her health. Jamie has been diagnosed with a form of Colitis. That is one of many Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. The good news is it is treatable, but not curable. The type of Colitis she has also carries a low risk of developing colon cancer. Jamie has started a course of treatment and is still awaiting one more biopsy to come back. The issue that the doctors are still concerned with is her continuing rapid weight loss. Please continue to pray for her as she has a much longer road to wellness than we expected.  

 In addition to this most immediate health concern, we have grown in our awareness these past few months allowing us to see how much the past 4 years has taken its toll. We simply need to focus right now on our health and the health of our family.  

 We’ve been working with a missionary sending agency, Amoveo Send, to help us unpack what this all means for our lives and we have agreed to do our best to follow their lead (along with some other pastoral advisors).

 It has been strongly recommended for us to continue our home assignment as planned through July 2016. The goal of this home assignment was to take a furlough/sabbatical to re-enter, rest, renew, and re-launch addressing our emotional, physical, spiritual and ministry health and wellbeing. Just as there is a great deal of preparation involved in being “sent” to the developing world, there is also a period of transition for returning from the field. For this reason, we will still need to maintain our support team, including financial support, through July 31st. We’ll be following up with you in a couple of weeks with a plan for how these next 6 months will go and we’ll also include a budget for our re-entry expenses, including a week-long missionary family debriefing retreat with Mission Training International in Colorado in the month of March.

We ask that you would prayerfully consider continuing your financial support through July 2016 to help us finish resettling.

 In our time with the DAR Vineyard, we are proud to say that we helped create and sustain a vibrant ministry to pregnant women and their families, that will continue to grow in the coming years. Even though we will not be living in Tanzania, we plan to continue to partner with MamaLove to further all that God wants to do.

 We want to share with you a letter from our Lead Pastors, Jeff and Adrienne Cannell. As we close, we want to thank you for your faithful partnership. Please feel free to contact us any time.

           The Dellesky Family

Dear Friends,

Thank-you for faithfully praying and financially supporting the Dellesky's ministry over the past several years. I was honored to be able to observe firsthand the ministry to the most impoverished mothers and children in Tanzania.

Through education, medical care, prayer, and many cups of tea, the Dellesky family has persevered through extraordinary hardships to demonstrate the love of Christ to the most marginalized in Tanzania.

As all of you are aware, Jamie has suffered extraordinary physical illness and suffering while serving in this capacity. Despite this major obstacle she was able to serve great numbers of women. Prayerfully following strong medical advice and wise counsel, the Dellesky family has decided to leave Tanzania and move back to the Ohio.

Every ministry effort God's people engage in is temporal. Ministries and churches serve for a season, be it months, years or decades, but ministries are not eternal, the Kingdom of God is Eternal. My goal as a pastor is to plant churches throughout my career, as well as inspire and cheer others towards following Jesus in new efforts.

Jamie and Teddy have truly served as an inspirational and encouraging presence towards many others, taking great risks to engage suffering with the Love of Christ.

It is important for all of us to finish well in our commitment to God's work through the Dellesky family. I urge you to continue supporting the re-initiation of their life in Ohio. Let us all together honor Christ by finishing well alongside the Delleskys after they return from a season of very fruitful ministry. Though saddened by the painful afflictions that they have endured, I am truly excited to once again serve alongside them as they see what good things God has set forth for them in Ohio.

Please join us in welcoming them back and supporting the transition.

God Bless You,

Jeff and Adrienne Cannell

Lead Pastors

Central Vineyard Church

Jeff Cannell