Staying in Touch......

We've been hard a work...thinking about ways to keep our communications up with our partners now that we are living here in Africa. Just with any good working system, sometimes change is in order to make it more effective and keep it running smoothly. 

Since we've been here, we have found that it is hard to maintain communications on our website. For various reasons, but mostly, we do not have capabilities to upload pictures & write long posts as we have in the past. BUT, communication with our partners, friends, and family is of great importance to us. As we are experiencing the reality of serving women & families in Tanzania, we want to be able to share as much of our lives as we can. We have always said that you, who partner with us, are invaluable to the work of saving mother's and babies, and therefore, we want you to be sharing in the reality of the joys & pains of this work. 

That being said, we have found it challenging to accomplish this to the degree our hearts want to. (Thus, our little amount of activity on our blog!). SO, we've spent some time re-thinking our paths of communication based on what we find our abilities are, living here. We have come up with a few strategies that may help this area. 

For now, we will be posting our day to day updates & pictures on these 3 avenues:

Instagram @:  jleedellesky  & delleskyfamily


We have found that these are the sites we can access best right now in order to keep everyone updated consistently. Please bookmark these for quick updates throughout your week. 


We will still be writing longer story updates on this blog, but it will be less often. We will reserve this blog for the deeper stories of our work & lives. So, keep checking here also! 

I actually will be sitting down to write such a story in my next post..... coming soon, as the stories are still unfolding as we speak! 

Happy Sunday.....

Jamie (for the Dellesky Clan)