Blankets, Cars, Toilet Paper, & Sour Cream

It's been a week now. A week since we arrived back in the USA. Our travel was so wonderfully uneventful and somehow we were able to get enough rest to keep us going through the long 48 hours. Excitement and contentment ran through ours hearts and minds as we came back to our home country. 

Many a joyous love was shared with our family as we exited the airport and came to their home. 

In the past week, we've set up a living space with our families and began to slowly engage with the world here. It was cold and a bit shocking. But, we pulled out our trusty old winter clothes.  Some wool socks, warm carpets, space heaters, wood fires, soft blankets and good meals have helped us adjust. Although, I will say my first trip into a Target for a few things, did overwhelm me,  make me want to run and hide under a rock. Just sayin'. 

There's still so many things that we are discovering, again. Like hot water from the faucets, the ability to drink water from the tap, flushing toilet paper down the toilets, driving a car again, wearing seat belts, using a fork and a knife instead of a fork and spoon, speaking english and not tagalog to everyone around me, remembering the internet works consistently, not showing the confusion on my face from sticker shock, and eating sour cream (we sure did miss that!).  We made a trip to the local library for some books for the boys school and we were enamered. Seriously. It's like we hit a gold jackpot. We forgot about the amazing priviledge it is to have a place to borrow amazing books of knowledge!! We are going to get so smart! 

We have been afforded such a grace to have this time here with each other, our family and friends. Reflecting on the last year of our lives, we see so much of God's deep transformation in our family. Yet, Teddy and I both agree, the more we learn of God's love, the more we have to learn. We've just scratched the surface and our thirst and hunger for more is growing in unquenchable ways. 

I miss the clinic. We miss our friends and the families we got the privilege to serve. We miss the land, the sunshine, the rhythms of the days, joy of people's smiles.

But, we know our time there was meant for that. It is not the place we are to stay, as God has much work elsewhere He is inviting us into. We are taking the next 6 months to finish the last part of my training and prepare for the next place we will go & invest in.

The fight for Safe Motherhood is in our blood now. Until we see changes in the most desperate places, until there are more trained midiwives that are serving the most impoverished families, until more of the world understands that this crisis cannot be ignored, until then, we will be working to bring safe birth to all mothers and babies that need it.  We are our sister's keepers. 

So here's to soft blankets that are keeping us warm while we study, to driving a car again, to the ease of flushing toilet paper, and to yummy sour cream that goes so right with a hot baked potato. We are thankful. Oh so thankful for the little things. 

May this find you restful and full of love today. 

Be Back soon.