Last 48

We have entered our last 48 hours here in this beautiful country with these beautiful people. I can't say it hasn't been without lots of tears and sad hearts we have been saying our farewells. Our hearts have been invaded by this place, these people, this mission. We are changed people because of our time spent here. And we know this is not goodbye as much as it is "see you soon", this we know.

Last night, we had a farewell party at the clinic for our family. We filled ourselves with good food, worship, prayer and laughter. It was a lovely time of sharing life together. By the end of our prayer time, Teddy and I had tear filled eyes and deeply emotional hearts. Filled with joy and celebration over what God has done here and sadness at the understanding that we will not be living our daily life with our friends and team mates here.

I was talking with one of the kids afterwards and they asked if I was ok because I was crying. I said to her, "yes, I am sad, but happy and my crying is a sign that we have all loved each other well."  Isn't that so the truth.

One of the deepest changes and challenges and charges we have gained by living life in this community has been to constantly ask ourselves " how much can I love? " How much can I give to another? Because at the end of my life, (not to sound cliche, this is really what I think of) I want to be able to say I loved well. It seems to me, that nothing else will really matter....... 


So, we are returning to our home country with very full hearts. We are eager to see those we love back there. Our family and friends who mean so much to us. We are eager to be close to them all again. We will be weary from the travel, but our hearts and arms will be wide open. 

Signing off until we are home.