Our Time Has Come

The last few months have been very busy (as you can see by our lack of posts!). I (Jamie) have finished up the last of my clinical training and I am proud to say I am a fully trained midwife!!!! Hoot Hoot!! This dream that started as a little seed in my heart over 3 years ago is now being realized. That's something to celebrate!

Now we are in the throws of packing and preparing to leave for Tanzania. We will depart from the States the second week of November for our new home in Dar es Salaam. The past 8 months here have been filled with so many good things. God had much more planned for us here than we thought.... as He always does. We have thoroughly enjoyed reengaging life here with our community & the people we love. There are so many things we will miss here. We are all truly and deeply thankful for the time we've had here.

And that is what makes this part of the journey hard. Our good byes have started and they will continue until we step on the plane. So many good byes........

....and on the other side of the world, so many hellos. So many new things to learn & explore. Everything from how to get food, driving on the other side of the car, learning to speak Swahilli, a new school for the boys & for Teddy, new friends... and lots of new mothers and babies to love.

So, over these next few weeks our hearts hold in tension the now and the not yet. Our eyes will be wet with tears and our hearts full of so much love as so many of you will send us off filled up. And for that, we are so grateful.

If you think of us over the next 3 weeks, you can just picture us doing exactly what we always are doing right before we leave a country.... packing & packing & packing & packing & more packing.... etc.... I somehow think "this time, it will be more simple".... mmmm, NOT. We are pretty simple people, but I just don't think I can move my family across the world in less than 14 suitcases. If any of you have, please tell me your secrets!!!!! I am one mom who is always looking for more simplicity.... I just think I am in the wrong lifestyle for that!

Please feel free to drop us a line before we leave. We'd love to hear from you.

Lastly, we will be updating our blog as we can and for those of you who support us, we are working on streamlining the way we receive donations so we will get you that info before we leave.

Here are some ways to follow us on our journey:

Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr: @delleskyfamily