Some Photos From Our Last 2 Weeks

Our first drive out to the land, we got stuck in mud. Thanks to a percocious Filipino boy, we were able to get unstuck. Parker really wasn't just standing around..... all of our boys were out pushing the car! I am convinced that the Filippino people know how to fix just about anyting!
Stuck in Mud
Our Livingroom 

Here is a picture of how we prepped our house for the flood. Thanks to our kind and thoughtful neighbors, we were able to try to salvage anything we could. Couch on the tables..... get everything up! Unfortunately, it rose so high that many things that were up still got ruined. But we have so very much to be thankful for in the midst of it all. For sure. 

Here is a picture of our house days after the flood.....trying to dry out all that we could.

What our house looked like days after the flood...drying outAn Aeta mom on her way to the clinic



A few days after the flood, this sweet woman from the Aeta tribe in the mountains made her way to the clinic to give birth in a safe place. She and her family were also the first ones to make use of the waiting homes on the land that Mercy In Action owns. That way she didn't have to walk down the mountain when in labor to get to the clinic. Removing yet another barrier for women so they can have a safe birth. 

Happy Anniversary 


I was able to salvage this from the muck and mire after the flood. The day after the flood happened, it was our anniversary. While cleaning up the best we could, I found this. This is a picture of Teddy and I when we were dating circa 1997. Since the flood, I have kept it with me in my purse.



We got a loving carepackage from our families just a few days after Teddy and Carson got back from Cambodia and we were settling in after all the chaos. Words can't describe the joy that filled our souls when we got roasted sunflower seeds and the movie "Where The Wild Things Are" :)     So many of you have been preparing packages for us with gifts to replace some of what we lost. We are tremendously thankful for you generous and kind support in this time. Thank you!!

Parker's Birthday Party
Carepackage LoveA few days before the flood happened, we were able to celebrate Parker's 11th birthday. We took all the kid to go see BRAVE and get smoothies afterwards. As you can see by looking at the kids, we all had a great time! 

We took refuge at the Ehler's house during the flood. This is a few days after when we were able to walk back down to the clinic area. 
trekking out of the Ehler's house on the mountain to return to the lower landOn July 31st, Teddy and Carson left for Cambodia. Teddy was leading a trip there to visit our church's childrens' home there. They were there for 2 weeks and had an amazing time with the team and the kids there. We were thankful that Carson got the opportunity to see a country in which we love dearly. Unfortunately, the timing of the trip came when the flood happened. So we had Parker, Lukas and myself here in the Philippines and Teddy and Carson in Cambodia. It was difficult to be apart during that time. Let's just say we all were comforted when we were all together again to rebuild. Baby hats donated by my cousin Bonnie and her daughter Lainie

Teddy and Carson leaving for CambodiaIt was wonderful to recieve a package for the clinic. My Cousin and her daughter knit some beautiful baby hats to donate to the clinic. The boys got to bring them over and give the donation to Cecille, one of the Filipino Midwives that work at the clinic. 

Marlene and I cleaning the clinic post floodWithin the days after the flood, we all worked hard to get the clinic back up and running. We needed to as there were several births that happened as soon as the day after. Natural disasters do not stop birth! These midwives here are pretty amazing!A postpartum visit with a beautiful momma and baby


After attending this momma's birth, I was able to do a follow up visit her and her family. I am always grateful for the opportunity to serve the families here.




One Sunday, we brought lunch over to our neighbors, the Sylva family. We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday afternoon with them. We have grown very close with them as they have taken us uder thier wings since we moved here.
Lunch with our neighbors, our Filipino family












We were able to take a day to just hang out as a family. This was a very sweet day. We went to the new mall here (yes, they have a great big mall that is bigger than malls I am used to back in the Sates.)  We had a little lunch and played around. It's so nice to have days of respite like that together.                                                                                                                                                             

family day funWe want to extend a huge thanks to all the people that have been encouraging and loving us these past few weeks. Thank you to everyone who is giving monetarily to help us recover from all we lost. Thank you to those of you sending packages and sending emails. 

Going through this month has taught our family many things. God's faithfulness and goodness to our family has been so evident. We are filled with more determination to continue on with what God is leading us in and know more gratitude than we did before. We pray that Jesus continues to work out His purposes in us and in our lives.  

Please continue to pray for our family and the ministry of Mercy In Action, as the Lord is using every ounce of the work here to save lives and bring hope to the families of the Philippines.