It's been a crazy couple of days. Its been a little overwhelming. Carson was still on the mend during our last days in Phnom Penh, there were special activities planned with our kids at Prek Eng 2, and, oh yeah, a flood from a typhoon completely flooded our house back in Olongapo. So what's overwhelming you these days?

My primary concern in all of this was the safety of Jamie and the boys. They were extracted from accorss the street from our house where they were seeking shelter at the burungay captian's house. Jason Ehler waded down, from what i understand, and got them back to Mercyland. Now that the flood waters have receded, Jamie has been making daily hikes with some people from the Aeta tribe and folks from Mercy In Action to assess the damage of our house and their clinics. Much has been lost by all. But everyone is still alive. That's what counts.

Here in Battambang, all is well. Some sort of intestinal distress is making the rounds throught the team. First John and Jeremy, right before we stepped on the potty-less 6 hour bus ride to Battambang. Then Jackie and me today. While jackie is looking a bit green behind the gills, I'm doing okay. Still functional. We went our to the youth conference for a while this morning. We took our cues from Carson. When he got wiggly, we quietly left the conference area and walked around Battambang's campus, a large piece of land housing all the battambang children's homes and the school. What a great place. Some of our kids from PE2, Srey Ka and Srey Pha, jumped at the chance to take us on a tour. I think they were wiggly too.

We made our way to the newest of the homes, BB8, where pastor Simon and his team from LIFE Vineyard, were playing with their kids. We quickly joined in and time flew by. It was fantastic. We then lunch with all the kids and staff under a huge tent. Family style...big time. Great Khmer food. Jackie came up to me at some point with "the look" in her face to tell me that she would like to return to the hotel for a while. We should have placed wagers right there on whether or not she would be heaving off the side of our tuktuk. She made it an is recovering in her room.

It's been four years since I first came with John. So much has changed. So many good things. I am thankful for us to have the opportunity to see all that God is doing over here. Please pray for the health of our team and for jamie and the boys.