So far...

There is never a dull moment here in Phnom Penh. Yesterday we went out to Prek Eng 2 children's home to hang with the kids and staff. The team brought a game they constructed called Hillbilly Golf. Also known a ladder golf. PVC pipe, golf balls and string. Simple and easy. The way every game should be. The kids quickly realized that the game apparatus could be taken apart and reformed into a mega structure. Kids...always reaching for the sky. We did a little bit of everything for the next few hours. Card games, drawing, hand clap games, jacks.

In between fun with the kids, the team walked around the property. We chased chickens, talked to Narun's sister and mother (visiting for the day), watched Sophal make her famous fried bananas (I know how to make them now, Jamie!!! Just need to buy the slicing tool!), talked and laughed with our family. By five we were whooped and the kids were getting ready to eat. We retuned to the hotel and cleaned up before going to a restaurant down the street, Romdeng. Its the fancier version of Friends, an organization that trains kids from the street in the restaurant industry. Fusion Khmer food...and home of the freshest tarantulas this side of the Mekong. Everyone took a nibble to earn the achievement badge. Others (me and Jackie) ate more.

Today we stayed in town and visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. We came here to see a glimpse of heaven, but we need to see the hell that the people of this country have endured. Usually we go see the kids after going here. Today it just didn't work for us to do that. Thank God we get to worship with them tomorrow. I love this country. I love its people. I'm glad for the chance to bring my family and church family to see the great things God is doing through Asia's Hope. It continues to change me. Every. Time.

On another note, Carson is feeling better. Mellow but ever the trooper. Thank God antibiotics are cheap and plentiful here. I've learned a lot about treating illness on the fly while in a strange land. More preparation for the larger story that we feel God has for our family. We have laundry to pick up down the street and dinner plans to make.

If you're ever in Phnom Penh, go to Dosa Corner; a quaint little Indian place serving Southern Indian (vegetarian) food. Dosas (savory crepes), vada (savory lentil doughnuts), samosas, fruit lassi, etc. It was incredible. No really, buy a plane ticket and we'll meet you there later in the week. You won't regret it.