Phnom Penh

Carson and I arrived in Phnom Penh this afternoon, tired but happy to see the people and country our family has come to love dearly. We were greeted by Narun and Sophal (the mom and dad of Prek Eng 2) and a few of the kids, Soriya (their biological daughter), Srey Ka and SouThoul. Man, how those kids have grown. I was getting misty before I even entered the country.

We settled in at the hotel and ran across the street to the cafe of the hotel we stayed at last year. I chatted up waiter that remembered me, asking where my wife was this time. We chatted a while and then our food came. Loclak (sp?), a beef dish served with tomatoes, onions, lettuce and french fires, accompanied by rice, of course. We demolished it and headed back to the hotel.

Once there, we showered up and decided to nap at around 4PM. We pulled the curtains and the next thing we knew it was 8. Our ride was to come at 9 so we can greet the team later in the evening. We shook the sleep from our eyes and went to a grocery up the street to get some fruit and snacks for the team and take a bit of the city in. It was strange this time. Stranger than usual. It felt so much more familiar to me. Even some of the products were exactly the same as the ones that we see at the grocery store in Olongapo. Even our ability to negotiate traffic on foot seemed almost effortless. We are learning to get the hang of this, anywhere we find ourselves. It made me miss my home. By home, I mean Olongapo.

I'm so glad that I get to do this with Carson. He was next on the list for international travel. The kid is going to have a blast. Pray for the health of Carson and I and the team.

Tomorrow we will hit the streets for a while. I still need to get a SIM card and get my communication infrastructure up and running. Narun mentioned something about a special dinner that a friend is putting on at the PE 2. I think we're invited. Food and family. My two favorite F-words. We're in.