Rain Day

Its been raining here for the better part of a week. Almost constantly. Its quite amazing to behold. It just doesn't really stop. My classroom is located on Mercy In Action's land, aptly named Mercyland. The land is on a hill near a tribulary of the Kalayan River, Olongapos' primary water source that dumps into Subic Bay. For the past few days, we've noticed the river getting pretty close to the rocky road that takes us to school. I received a text this morning from Rose (our ride to shool each day. she and her husband Ian are both midwives. Ian is Vicki's son, Rose is his wife) informing us that school was cancelled. The road is clear for now, but may be inaccessible by the time school lets out in the afternoon. 

Its kind of like a snow day for us. Though we will have to travel out in the rain to get wome proovisions at some point. Should be fun, and wet.