Filipino connection

I saw this on a Tri-C the other day and snuck a picture. It reminded my of the great things going on at home.  

I left Columbus with sorrow in my heart. Our Filipino friend, Mark Tolentino, started a food truck specializing in fried chicken. Mark is a chef by trade, and a darn good one to boot. He was the one responsible for catering our fundraiser last fall. He cooked up some delicious, authentic Filipino food. Chicken adobo, lumpia, and pancit (bihon). I think of him every time I go to the market and go to our favorite turu-turo (translation "point-point", a small restaurant where things are ordered ala carte) where we eat pancit (bihon and malabon), mongo (sp?) (mung bean soup with bitter greens), bilo bilo (coconut-banana soup), empitudo (pork or chicken sausage) and shu mai (think Chinese pork dumplings).  

Those of you who really know me, know that I dearly love fried chicken. We ate it every Sunday after chuch when I was growing up. I usually request it as my special birthday dinner every year. Sadly, we missed the launch of his truck. I've been following the progress online and it seems like he's off to a great start. Check him out here: or on Facebook.

I've had several realizations about the food here, one being: Filipinos love fried chicken. Its even on the menu at McDonald's (accompanied by rice, of course). I'm not sure if this was Mark's motivation to do this or just that Columbus has had quite a fried chicken void to fill since Buckeye Fried Chicken folded a few years ago. Doesn't matter. People are eating good fried chicken in Columbus, OH. That's good enough for me.