Blood, Sweat and Tears...Literally

This week my students had a unique opportunity to serve. On our morning ride to school Vicki, head midwife of Mercy In Action, asked if the kids would play victims for a group of soon-to-be Naturopaths traning here on disaster preparedness. Fake blood and screaming...every kids dream. We were in. 

Shortly after lunch, Vicki got to work bloodying the kids up with katsup, red dye and mud and created the earthquake. The kids were in place. They looked like a herd of zombie children. 

As we saw the team approach from an all-day hike to a local Aeta village, we gave the kids the nod to scream like banshees while we yelled down that we needed help. Jamie handed them a bag with some mecellaneous supplies while I handed them two jugs of river water. These were the supplies they had to use.  

Needless to say, the kids had a great time. I think the adults did too. Jamie and I took the kids to a stream nearby to wash off while the Mercy In Action team debriefed with the team. 

It was a great day for all of us. It is oppoortunities like this that make us so thankful to be here. A change in the routines of daily life, but with purpose.