An Oven, Disaster Preparedness, Music from the 80’s and Mercy Angels

Sometimes you don’t know what you will miss until you don’t have it anymore. That’s how I felt about our oven.  Those of you who bake, imagine only having your burners to cook? I mean, don’t get me wrong , anyone who knows me knows I am not a good baker whatsoever…. BUT, in a place where there is no gluten free bread products, it’s hard to find an alternative to sandwhiches for the kids lunches. So, this week, we were able to purchase a very humble oven. (THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS!)   It’s measures only up to our thighs and fits only a 13 inch pan in it, but it’s an oven! Gluten free banana bread, here we come!

This week I have been on the other side of town by the beach for a week long seminar that the Mercy In Action staff is teaching. It’s on Maternal/Infant health, primary medicine and disaster preparedness in Developing Countries. The more I learn, the more I want to know. It’s quite extraordinary how simple it is to help most of the world in their suffering. Seriously. Everyday, I am thankful that God has given me the opportunity to learn from the people in MIA. Their research and knowledge, passion and determination to serve, and model of care are some of the best in the world… and that is proven by their success rates of saving and improving lives here.

Something that keeps going through my mind this week is this thought:

I knew the statistics, now I am seeing the faces. As I am learning so much, I am also interacting and caring for the people. Putting all of these things into practice. So now, I am seeing the mothers and beautiful babies who need the help and are getting it.  It is reinforcing all that we have been hearing God say to us, “go and take care of my people”.  Now, I know deeper than ever, that we are the hands and feet of Jesus. 

When I was on the jeepney ( public transportation here), the driver asked me where I was living  and why I was here, mostly because I (our whole family) stand out- we are THE ONLY white family on our street.  After I told him where I was living, he cut me off and said, “you are one of those Mercy Angels that work in the clinic aren’t you?” With a huge smile on my face I exclaimed “yes, I am”. It’s moments like that where someone looks at you, knows you are white and by knowing where you live, can connect you to this clinic and it’s impact on the city. It was pretty powerful.


I will end sharing one other thing here that makes us giggle. EVERYWHERE you go, American music from the 80’s is playing. Yes, it’s quite funny. AT first it was a bit strange, but by now, it’s become a comfort. Duran Duran, the Bangles, Journey, Lisa Loeb… (laughter commence now) So, as you pray for us, for our continued safety, health, adjustments, learning…you can be assured that we are enjoying some great memories as 80’s pop fills our ears!

We miss and love all our friends and family. Here’s a big hug from us to you.