Endings and Beginnings

For those of you who have been following our journey over the past year, you will rejoice with us when we tell you we have bought our tickets! Yes, come June 19th, we will be leaving the United States of America and heading for life and work in the Philippines. It's finally arrived!!!!!! (insert jumping on the couch here)

A huge thank you to all who have given and are giving to make this happen! We were able to secure enough funding to stay there for about 8 months. We are so grateful...... in a few short weeks, the 5 of us and all we can fit in 10 suitcases will be boarding that jet plane!

As we come to the end of our time here, it is filled with many emotions, as well as what seems like endless 'to do' lists that seem to be growing by the day ( I keep wondering when they will start to get shorter).

Many reflections arise in me as I have a deep sense that as we step on that plane, we are entering a time of huge transformation.

I can feel the shifting beginning. The other day, I was thinking of a good analogy for this time in our lives ( am I the only one that likes to think of life by way of analogies? I spend a lot of my brain power on this...) but, it is like platectonics shifting. You don't see the visible changes, but you feel it deep down....and you have enough wisdom to know that in just a short time, the foundation will have shifted. And that means, the whole of what is resting on top will be different. I sense it not only in myself, but in my family too. Somehow, like an unspoken sense, we are all clinging to each other a bit more and time with people we love feels a bit more significant....in some deep way. But don't ask me to describe it or put it into words. I can't. But, I can feel it. 

So, with just about 4 weeks until we leave Columbus (we will spend our last week up with our families in Youngstown and Pittsburgh) we are now in full fledged "wrap up life" mode. Last doctor visits to be had, change of address cards to be filled out, power of attorneys to be signed, last goodbyes to cry over, and packing, moving, packing, moving.....did I mention packing and moving? 


We plan on posting once a week while we're over there, as long as our internet connection is working (which sometimes....) so please put our journal page on your RSS feed, or set up your Google reader, or.... I'm sure there's more, but whatever your method of keeping up, include our site on it!

Life's about to get very interesting!!