Dar, Days 2-3

Today was a mellow Saturday here in Tanzania. Not much to report, really. A prep day for the Buckleys, similar to any family anywhere. Which is just as well. I was zonked for most of the day because of my early waking time. Coffee took the edge off for most of the day. It's normal with travel. The first two days are tough to adjust to for me. After that, its all good.

We returned from shopping with some groceries, flowers for the Easter Sunday service. Its' been great to get a sense of the food here. Yeah, I'm gonna talk about food every chance I get... So we bought these berries for a man selling them adjacent to a produce market on the outside of a shopping center. He had strawberries, blackberries and these other strange berries that he called raspberries (my all time favorite fruit, in case you were wondering...SCORE!), except the raspberries in question had the hue of a blueberry. No doubt from their look a related species of plant in the same family, but different for sure. The other berries were very bright red, looked somewhat like raspberries, but had a completely different taste. Sweet and sour and pretty good. The man selling them offered us samples to try before buying them. The never-wary traveler in my said to heck with taking these home and washing them before trying them. I tasted them all. They were good. Nuff said.

We returned home, at some lunch and headed to the cafe/church to prep. Aidan and I strung up the twine between some of the wooden beams for posting some signs for the service, but not before an extensive detangling session. Doug talked with the music team about the flow of the service. Aidan and I went to the cafe to hang for a bit. I got a coffee and Aidan got a Mango/Banana smoothie (thank you tropics for your ever present and abundant fruit!). I texted Jamie (against my better judgement because I knew she was probably still recovering from the birth she attended) and then we Skyped for a bit. It was good to see and talk to them all.

We returned home and got ready for dinner. Lyndi made a squash soup, salad, and some kale with onions and mushroom. It was delicious. I could tell my body was giving in to sleep as we wrapped up dinner. I reclined on their couch as the kids got showered up for bed and literally passed out for an hour. It was much needed and put some wind in my sails for some evening hang time and conversation with Doug and Lyndi.

We talked for quite a bit on their upper porch, the night sounds of an evening in Dar in the background of our conversation. I talked with them about our ever approaching trip to the Philippines. They talked with me about their life over here and the things that God is doing. It was really good to have this time to dream together. It's close to go time here. I plan to head out early to walk to church with Doug and get ready for the Easter service. later we plan to hand our Easter eggs to the kids at Sala Sala and then later have Easter dinner at the Miller's house. Happy Easter. Jesus lives.