a home

we have a home waiting for us. yes, there is a place in the Philippines for us. Teddy and I shared the news with the boys a few weeks ago and thanks to modern technology, we were able to spend hours looking at the area we will be in by satelite images (thanks google). it made this journey real. 

i am trying to find words to describe what it is like to be moving toward a move of this magnitude having not much to conjure up in your mind. I mean, we've traveled to asia but never specifically to the Philippines. There are nuances there, landscapes and people that we don't know yet. Our hearts have been dreaming and planning for a place that we've never seen. So, as you can imagine, to receive an address and  pictures of where we will settle into was, well, breathtaking. 

You see, for about a month before we got the news, I had been engaged in deep conversations and heart yearnings with God about this very thing. As it draws closer for us to leave our home here, I am naturally thinking about making a new home. And as I meditated on that, I began to tease out what a home is. I began to ask God to go before us and build us a home. Now, home is much more than a structure or a building. It is the life and soul of your exsitence. Of your families life. It is the place where your heart finds a soft spot in which to retreat from the demands of the outside world. it is the place where a sense of emotional and physical safety comfort you in an unknown world. and it is the place where you allow intimacy to take it's natural course between you and those whom you love. home also includes the people you live your life with. in my humble opinion, all this is created and nurtured by the spirit of God. 

So, when i prayed, i specifically asked God to go before us and create a "home" for us. Not shortly after these petitions left my heart, we received the good news. I am still so utterly amazed at God's timing. I know it will take much time to settle in there, but as we get ready to leave here, my heart has a place to rest on.