settling in. yes, that's what my days consist of. we've moved from a 1250 sq ft house to a 800 sq ft apt. some may think "how hard", but for us, in this place in our lives, it's a welcome change. the simplicity i felt from day one is indescribable. i feel a freedom that can't be put into words. except that i feel this "sacrifice" we've made is actually a huge blessing to us. our family has adjusted easily to the close quarters (which doesn't suprise me because we do best when we are interacting and not disconnecting) and bonus: we are only 100 feet away from our great friends John and Kori McCollum. AND there are kids that live right next door to us that are my childrens age. it just seems like we were supposed to be here. maybe that's how it works when you are following the path before you? I don't know, I've never done anything of this magnitude before, but I know in the smaller things I've said yes to in the past, with every sacrifice comes an unexpected blessing. Not that you do the sacrificing for the sole purpose of the blessing, but when you say yes to engaging the hardship around you- you will be changed. 

so, i'm learning to cook in a kitchen close to the size of a closet I once had my clothes in and sharing one bathroom instead of two is always exciting :), learning to wash all my dishes by hand with a counter top 1/3 of the size of my last and still trying to fit all my boys clothes and shoes in one tiny closet. It's all an adventure. And I'm more inspired than ever to push on to more sacrifice for the sake of this call. 

A word of advice to any of you who are contemplating the change it may take to make your dream come to reality- DO IT!!!!