gypsies and nomads

today marks the last day in our house. tomorrow, with hopefully no too much blood, sweat or tears, we will be moving up the road to settle into our little two bedroom townhouse. our life here for the last few weeks has been nothing less than hectic, random, and chaotic. my sense of and need for order has been pushed to the limits, forcing me to turn a blind eye and focus on the present and trust God more than ever. at times, it has felt like we're living as refugees; displaced from where we're most comfortable, surrounded by new neighbors, each with their own story to tell, and moving toward a life that has so many question marks.

in some ways it's pretty okay. every experience is a test; of time, energy, patience and faith. some we succeed at by leaps and bounds, others we stumble through. the most important part is that we are pursuing this together as a family and feel blessed and supported by the people in our lives. this feeling of being a gypsy is one that my mother, a Romanian by decent, says runs though my blood. let's hope she's right. i think we're in it for the long haul.

NOTE: if you read this before the day is over and want to help us move, even if just for a bit, please come on by sometime tomorrow. heck, you can even time it so we can feed you pizza for lunch.