sacrifice for the greater good

tonight i was decompressing with my family. you know, typical stuff like letting your oldest boys scale the garage roof in a last-chance-to-do-this-before-we-move-from-our-home fashion, as we played fetch with our dog Gracie. Gracie is a two year old black lab who fell into our lives like so many other blessings. randomly, yet serendipitiously. we chose to bring her into our family with the simple intention of wanting to love a being that had had a hard life, and help her find a pack she could call a family. she has adjusted well to the craziness that is all things boys. she is sweet, affectionate and obedient in a way that tells us that she is not just some dog, she is our dog. we love her dearly and have chosen to give her up, temporarily, so we can go forward. it hurts. for all of us. the time is drawing near for us to give her a home away from home. we will be moving this weekend and cannot take her with us. 

i'm a dog lover. kinda. i've always thought that i would be the one who would have the easiest time saying goodbye to her. i now know, as i write this with tears coming, that it is one of many things that i must sacfrifice for the bigger things in my (our) life. its positively excruciating, the things that we are doing. it feels so freeing and so hard all at the same time. i know that all the things we will be experiencing this year will serve to sharpen us so that we can fully engage in this next leap in our lives. she is going to live with my mom soon. its a perfect match. we pray that they form a bond that is much like ours, but we will relish the day when she is back in our home.