countdown to crazy

if you read the last post then...yeah...we are neck deep in the inevitable business that preceeds the beginning of the school year. but this year we've decided, in classic Dellesky take-on-the-world-all-at-once-style, to throw in planning a fundraiser, renting our house and moving into a two bedroom town house. long days now turn in to long nights and faith is daily vitamin we must take, or else.

my hope is that we can engage with the generous people surrounding us while we endure the many tasks that we have to do, hoping that we can look back on this moment, like so many times before, and see God moving within and among us, pushing us forward. its kinda hard to see at times. sometimes is seems like a risky bargain while other times we are so clear in thought and action that it takes on a deja-vu like quality. i think its time to take my faith vitamin and get on with it.