going nomadic

when following the road that is set before you, working towards a dream, and pursuing a life-changing path there seems (at least in my experience) to be spurts of movement that ignite a forward motion at lightning pace. we are in one of those spurts.

we've had our home up for sale for the past 3 months. willing to sell whatever we needed to in order to make our year of training possible, we laid down our home. it took much thought and prayer, but when it came down to it, we surmised that nothing is really ours in the end and God could use whatever He wanted to get us to where we need to go. So we offered it up....as a sacrifice that we were willing to make. helping mothers and babies means that much to us.

now, bare with me as I digress for a moment- I know to many people, selling your house is not a big deal. but to us, it was. because of what our house has been for us in the past 4 years. this is the place we forged our family. the place we've opened up our hearts to hospitaity. the place we grafted our dog into the family. it represents a place of belonging, a place of safety and where our family has grown closer. it also represents the unity that Teddy and I have formed in our dreams for our future. so much of who we are has laid it's foundation here. I'm not one that is overly attatched to things, but somehow, our house has deep ties to my heart........but, then again, so does fighting injustice for the poor. in fact, upon deeper inspection, we found that our desire to join the fight for the lives of most innocent in our world brought us to a place where we were willing to sacrifice the things dearest to us. 

So we decided to sell our house to help fund our mission........

but.......... the housing market here did not agree.  ugh.  so, over the past few weeks, we began praying about the possibilty of renting it out....if the house wasn't going to sell, then we needed to save more money somehow. quickly, the plan changed.... less than an hour after we posted the ad for the house we started getting calls and less than 48 hours later, we found our renters. 

and in a few short weeks, we will be moving to a small apartment around the bend. my days are now filled with packing and studying. packing and studying. packing.....well, you get the point. 

it's interesting how clearing out your life, going through every square inch of your home, through all your belongings creates a picture of where you've been and what your family has been shaped by. It re affirms your identies and recalls the things that are true about your life. 

It's a sort of spiritual cleansing.....

I've also had deep realizations that this is the begining of our family living a nomadic lifestyle for the next 2 years of our lives. Only having what you need and being able to pack those things up into a few small boxes. I'm sorting out keepsakes and must haves from the "when did I get this?" and "why do I still have this" things.

you'd be surprised what you find under beds.....

in any case, come what may, you can't deny it's an adventure.

here's to going nomadic.

(and if your looking for any garage items, come to our house before going to lowes...we probably have it and want to get rid of it!)