Stories of Mothers Saved


here's a bit of inspiration that we truly can make a difference in women's lives around the world.



as you read through the stories, imagine this woman is your wife, sister, mother, friend.

here in the developed world, it is hard to imagine the heartbreak that decends upon a family, a community when a mother dies- in something as simple and organic as childbirth..... but for the majority of people living in the developing world, it is their reality.

see, when a women dies giving birth, she often leaves behind a family, other children, a husband, people that love her deeply. 

no woman should be taken away because she is giving life. 

we can make a difference. 

partner with us in our endevor to change this!! 

spread the word. 

be generous with your money.

pray for more midwives.



Jesus once said, "the harvest is plenty, but the workers are few"......we are ready to work, we need your support to enable us to do so!