6 hour bus rides

Hello. Today we are taking a bus to the town of Siem Reap. Apparently, Angkor Watt is breathtaking. It is what remains of an ancient temple city. It rivals things like the great pyramids, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, etc... It's hard to believe all the beauty that your eyes behold here. From the national monument, to the Mekong river, to the Palace and the Watts (Buddhist temples), to the riverfront life, everywhere you look is dazzling and sort of magical. And like many struggling countries, running along side of that is the deep brokenness of the nations past. Earlier in the week we were able to go to Tuol Sleng, the site where the notorious prison of Khmer Rouge. The horror that went on here is beyond words. I was nauseated throughout much of my visit and would periodically burst into tears. Finally, I had to sit silently in the courtyard and pray. I prayed for this country and the people in it. I prayed for healing and for peace. What these people have been through is astounding. But there is so much hope. You see it in the peoples faces and especially in the children of Asia's Hope homes. 

It's time to get on the bus. Post soon.