Mummy Jimmy

Good Morning. I have a new name here. It's Mummy Jimmy. (translation- mommy jamie). Yes, all the children here call me (and Sarabeth) mommy and they call Teddy and Ben daddy. To them, we are essentially their parents, along with the director of the home and his family. It is captivating to see how Narun and Sopahl (the director and his wife) and their three children have become mother and father to these 24 children. And now, we are too. They function as this beautiful, large family. The lines of biological ties become fluid, we've all been grafted together into one grand family. 

This occurred to me when I was given this artwork from one of the girls yesterday. It reads:

" Dear Mummy Jimmy, 

My name is Dane. I am 12 year old. I miss mummy Jimmy. I love mummy. I pray for you everyday. At night, I dream about you. God bless you. Jesus love mummy and me. "

Tears of joy fill my eyes.

So, now I have many children in my mother's heart!


Today, we are off to the Asia's Hope school where we will teach some lessons in each classroom! With 2 teachers on our team, this should be exciting!