Fall In Full Swing

I want to apologize for what seems like sparse updates. To be honest, things have been moving pretty slowly here, in terms of our preparations. In fact, we've been caught up in the kids school, a bout of the flu (x3), tonsilectomys, and birthday celebrations! We haven't had full breaths of air in a few weeks. But, such is life. 

We are working on the final details of our budget for next year and setting up a system to help supporters give monthly. We appreciate your patience with us as we get there!! We have not meant to slow communications, we are just working many details so that your partnership with us is set up the best way it can be.  ( or at least to the best of our ability!) 

My studies have been going well. I'm starting to juggle my shooling and our busy life better. The learning curve is becoming clearer. And, I'm happy to say, I've been acing my tests! 

Now that we've entered November, we are at the 7 month mark from our projected June departure. I have been working hard to be appreciative of all the things we won't be doing next year, like Halloween in Clintonville, the upcoming winter weather (working hard on appreciating that!), and fall birthdays with our extended family. There are many more happy times to come in the next few months..... but I will say, one thing I am really looking forward to is warm weather....all the time. In fact, we will be experiencing very different seasons there... like rainy season (which will be starting as we arrive). I've already been thinking about raingear for all the walking we will be doing. Preparations like that make me excited! (I'm dorky like that!)


Anyway, this was just a small update to let you all know, we haven't forgotten about our communication. We value each of you in the support you give. We are so very aware that we cannot do what we are called to do without you. 

go out and enjoy this fall day.

more to come.......