We are from Columbus, Ohio. We have three children, Parker, Carson, Lukas. Teddy (the dad) is a teacher who spent his career here in the States with Columbus City Schools. Jamie (the mom) is a licensed midwife, certified birth & postpartum doula and a Childbirth Educator.

Early in our marriage, we were drawn to issues of injustice for the poor, both locally and globally. While pursuing our undergraduate studies, and newly married, we supported ourselves working as recreation leaders for the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. The years we spent working with these children and families began to shape the trajectory of our lives. After completing his graduate studies in education, and facing the choice of where to teach, Teddy chose, with great conviction, to work within the urban education system.  From our involvement with Asia’s Hope, a local non-profit focused on rescuing orphans in sexual & economic exploitation in Southeast Asia, to supporting grass roots initiatives to build economic opportunities for women and provide clean water for families living in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, we have faithfully given of our time and resources. We have seen the fruit of these commitments as it has deeply impacted our vision to serve those in need.

After 11 years of working in the professional birth world as a doula and childbirth educator, Jamie’s heart was turned to the  needs of pregnant women in developing countries. As we began to educate ourselves, we found a devastating reality. We discovered that mothers and babies are dying at alarming rates, simply because they do not have trained birth attendants by their side. We learned that in many places, women are more likely to die in childbirth than to go to school. 

This was alarming to us. The more we educated ourselves, the more we understood that many of these deaths could be prevented with adequate medical care.

We began to dream about how we could help.  After much prayer and consideration, Jamie began her midwifery training in the fall of 2010. In order to complete her certification, our family moved to the Philippines in the summer 2012 to work with Mercy in Action. Jamie completed her clinical training with them  in February 2013 and finished the rest of her studies in the United States. She passed her final board exams in April, 2015 becoming a fully licensed Certified Professional Midwife.

As we strive to follow Jesus & do as he did, we see that God’s justice for the poor comes through our hands and feet. This conviction to help save mothers and babies has become one of our family’s sole passions. We are committed to living our lives in a way that enables us to serve the poor in this capacity. Our family loves the work we do and we invite you to be a part of this journey.